Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm Singing My Blue

This is the first day of the final exams. Today's subjects were Sociology and Regular English (since there are Extensive English at my school), and thank God,  I could do the exams really well. Wish me luck for the next tests.

Last week, I went to a boutique called Ore. This is one of the famous boutique in Surabaya. They don't only sell clothes, shoes and accesories, but they also sell lomo cam and great CDs :)

And introduce my new baby, the blue suede shoes. Thanks to mom who found it and directly showed it to me :)


Friday, November 2, 2012


Hi fellas, this is not an outfit post, actually. I wanna share something to you guys. Do you guys know the famous move, Gangnam Style? lol. Although I'm kinda bored with the song and the moves too, but last Thursday, there were 2 basketball teams coming from Australia. Yep, Gold Coast Junior Basketball Allstars.
And guess what? They do Gangnam Style  at my school. This is the video, so check this outtttt!

so funny! LOL