Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm a florist and a tricky friend of mine

It's been so hot lately in Surabaya and I think I still need some bright breezy dresses to be worn everyday. I've been captured 2 times wearing this dress (sorry for that), but I really love the colour and the fabric and the pattern, all of it. In this photo I covered it up with my old croptop and a necklace worn as head crown. The shape is so cute!

hehe. DON'T LAUGH.

the cuteeeeee head crown

Recently, I've been stressed out. There's a biology assignment (i've told you before) that I should do in a
group. We're gonna make yogurt. Everything was good until we discussed about when and where we must do that assignment. We finally chose my home and Friday. BUT, one of my friend wanted to get back to his hometown. Yea, I understand it since I was living alone too. Then BUT, on Friday after I had bought all the ingredients, one of my friend (not that friend I was telling above) texted me and said 'I can't go to your house because my parents are coming. I'll pay the ingredients.' And I was like, DAMN! We should do that in group! And I had paid allllllll the ingredients.

I know that her point was that she didn't wanna do it, but at least she 'did' something. BUT it was just not worth it. It's okay she paid, but didn't she think about her score? Should I write her name on the assignment paper because SHE PAID THE INGREDIENTS? wtf, NOOOO!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Every Kind Of Red

Next week will be so hectic so I decided to post something today. Today is holiday *yay* ! I finally get a chance to wake up late and watch my favorite shows in the morning! :) anddd, before I push the publish button I want to say Happy Eid Adha for those who celebrate, may today brings you to lots of happiness, and may God bless you all. Amen.

Well, I'm gonna go to supermarket to buy some things for my Biology assignments. And this is what I wore.
The dress is from Batik Keris and the sling bag is from Mirota. I've been so crazy with tribals and patterns lately, and I'm in love with the dress' batik pattern. It is red anyway <3 And I had told you about the bag, it's cute, right? The small size and the cute pattern make me wanna use this everytime. Won't you guys do the same?

Talking about the next hectic week, there'll be so much exams and assignments to be done. Yeah, it is so tiring but I have to be tough until the long holiday comes. Just wish me luck, fellas.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ask me a question, please?

Maybe it's a little too late to have a Formspring account since it has existed years ago. But better late than never, right? :) I'm now available in Formspring. My username :grismonica, just like the username of my Twitter account. You may ask me soo many questions, but remember, the bad question will be skipped. Well go ask me, now!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Am Moving!

Your image is loading...

Hey fellas! Have just made a moving pict. This is my very first, what do you guys think? Ps. : ignore the leg in the back of the pict haha ><

Friday, October 19, 2012


It took a while for me to realize that varsity jacket can change your whole look. I was wearing my brother's varsity. Really love the soft dusty blue and it matches my midi dress, sorry for lack of photos but no one could take it for me.

How many times have I mentioned about my crazy school thingy? You guys must be really bored 'cause now I got a good news coming from school. I decided to join a newsreader competition. The selection is tomorrow and I really hope I could do my best so I can be chosen as the contestant *finger crossed*

And there's something that annoys me, from school of course. Well, I'm a different kind of girl. I'm not calm at all, I enjoy talking to the boys because they bring less drama, but it doesn't mean that I don't wanna make friends with the girls. I only have few girls friend at school and idk, it's just, I feel really weird to start talking to other girls, because I used to say things faithfully without knowing it's hurting them or not. So, what do you guys think? Do I have to change myself or just stay true and be friendless all the time?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lennon reincarnation

I'm soooo into lennon's thingy. Bought this from another blogger Clara Thomas :) let's go shop, you'll love the products she sells, just like me.

I wore the dress on my april post

dress Toko Kecil Indi, necklace worn as headcrown from Bali and the glasses from Clara's shop
School thingy suck. There are a lot of homeworks and exams next week. To be honest, I'm so tired but I try to keep up with this situation, and I hope everything goes as well as I wish. How about you, fellas? Do you enjoy your high-school days?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy Bird

Last week, my dad came to Surabaya and we went to a craftstore to buy some traditional body scrubs. Surprisingly, I found this lovely vintage sling bag. So when I got home, I took my Alexa and captured some shots ;)

unbranded dress and mirota sling bag

the bag's detail

the accesories I also found at the craftstore

Time flies so fast recently. There are too many exams and tasks, but I think I began to suit myself with those kind of days where there are exams in every subject. I also join a competition as the coordinator. I really wish it goes well :) I have got my middle term report card, 3 bad marks, I guess my mom will be angry when she gets here ><