Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Come Back

I know, it's a longggg hiatus, and I'm so sorry for it :( I just got permission from the Big Boss (I mean, My Mom) to blog again. Yes, it's a weird rule but my mom said that I should stop blogging for a while because I was getting addicted to blogging world, and yes it's so true.

I want to say Happy Easter everyone! :) LOL it's late, but, better late than never, right? I spent my easter holiday in my hometown, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. And, I also had a trip to Larantuka, East Flores, to see 'Semana Santa.' it's a famous religion tradition that is held once in a year, before Easter.

Guys, how's life? I guess some of you (including me) are soooo nervous about the national exam that's gonna be held on 16-19th of April (for senior high) and 23rd-26th of April (for junior high). Yes I'm so nervous about it. I wish we wouldn't get any bad score. Amen!

After the national exam, we're all gonna be graduated and move to higher grade. Some will be in a same school and some not. I, as I had writen months ago, will be a student of St. Louis 1 Senior High School and leave my old school, leave my besties that will be at Frateran Senior High School. Do you know, how does it feel? It feels weird and hurt to separate from people you know for years, you love, you care about. Yeah, we're still in the same city but the gap between us is getting further. We can't meet more often than we used to. I'm gonna miss them, but sometimes I gotta move on and get a new life, new experiences, and new life-learning.
People say that High School life is the best, but it doesn't mean that I couldn't find my best memories at Junior High School

So, for the pictures of my trip, and everything I did during my hiatus, you can see the next posts.

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