Sunday, February 5, 2012

Early Valentine (i wrote this for fun, it's not completely real)

it happens for like just a second. when you started looking at his small eyes and his cute dimples, when you feel warmer even no one's hugging you when you're thinking about him. So can we just pretend that nothing's happen?

Yes, I love you. I love you more than you could ever know. Well, you don't even know anything at all. I know it's love when I saw you doing the craziest thing that I hate, but I was smiling and laughing so hard until my shoulders were shaking.

You are the one, and please don't make me regret this. Hold my hand more tightly than you ever did before. We know we will be young forever, together. Just make sure we keep holding on together, because all of our dreams will be coming true.

I never regret a word that came from my mouth for you. You're special even when you don't know. I love you even when the silliest thing you do makes me so sick. I still do, and maybe I will do it forever.

Smile and feel the wind touches us softly. Feel how they make us together. Just when you see the sun shines so bright, keep it in your mind : my love is brighter than that, and it's only for you

Hey boy with that cute dimples and chubby cheeks, don't you ever realize. How I'm looking at you, how I act in front of you, how I sing in front of you. I was singing with my heart. It's for you.

Listen to the melodies of my love, when you feel down, that will bring you up and give you more power you need to face this cruel world. Remember, I will stay forever watching you as a really successful person. Yes, you're very successfull at making my heart beats faster.

When you need a hug, play that song we sang together. It'll remind you that I will always be there, in your heart, no matter what happen. Maybe someday it's all over, but you should know, noone's ever gonna change you.

But when I'm  tired of waiting, it means I want you to chase me and run faster than I did to catch my heart.


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