Sunday, January 29, 2012


Just as usual, today I went to church.....ALONE. My brother didn't wanna get his butt up off the bed and so, I decided to go alone.

I spent this Sunday at home, doing homework and studying for biology test tomorrow. The practical exam and final exam will be held on March and the National Final Exam will be held on April so I should prepare my self and I know I can do it. I wish I could graduate with really satisfying grades.

Yesterday was a really great day, my BFFs came to my house and do our TIK assignment together :) but sadly my notebook didn't work as well as it used to be, so we decided to make fun in my bedroom :) I can't publish our activites because it will be a long-long post and you all will get bored with my post *smirk*

How's your Sunday?

p.s. : it's raining outside, the wind go crazy, it feels like the end of life :( oh, don't talk about it again.


  1. oooh u look so cute in that picture in my right side ^^ hihihihi. are u from indonesia? me too! haha ;D come visit my blog and follow me if u want ^^

  2. thankyou so much! :)) yes I am :) okay, i'll do it soon thanks for leaving your comment on my post :)


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