Friday, October 26, 2012

Every Kind Of Red

Next week will be so hectic so I decided to post something today. Today is holiday *yay* ! I finally get a chance to wake up late and watch my favorite shows in the morning! :) anddd, before I push the publish button I want to say Happy Eid Adha for those who celebrate, may today brings you to lots of happiness, and may God bless you all. Amen.

Well, I'm gonna go to supermarket to buy some things for my Biology assignments. And this is what I wore.
The dress is from Batik Keris and the sling bag is from Mirota. I've been so crazy with tribals and patterns lately, and I'm in love with the dress' batik pattern. It is red anyway <3 And I had told you about the bag, it's cute, right? The small size and the cute pattern make me wanna use this everytime. Won't you guys do the same?

Talking about the next hectic week, there'll be so much exams and assignments to be done. Yeah, it is so tiring but I have to be tough until the long holiday comes. Just wish me luck, fellas.


  1. batik <3

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    1. yes, nadia :D thanks for the comment! <3

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