Friday, January 27, 2012

don't read it just find out what's the point

You must be wondering why I got a fashion quote but I don't even post my daily outfits? I'm so sorry, I'm in a program of losing weight and I think it's prettier if I wear clothes with slimmer body. I also want to show to other girls out there who love fashion but fat (like me, actually), just try to lose your weight. It's not just about appeareance, it's about your own health. Don't let it make you feel uncomfortable.

I really felt sad when people start calling me 'fatty' , or something else. I am fat, but do not give me any hurting opinion like that. Please be my motivator, so I can learn how to lose my weight and stay in shape. I know it's hard, but when you guys say something hurting like that, it just even feels more harder. It seems like no one's gonna care about me losing so much weight, they will keep calling me 'fatty' .

I realize it when I woke up in the morning and stepped on the scale. And I was like crazy seeing the number appeared at the scale. Then, I realize, I should do something for me. For my health. I promise I will eat less and exercise more. I will do everything to make me healthier. You will see the healthier me. And you will see so many clothes that fit my body.

Okay, then..

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