Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hola! I'm back ;) I just want to post something about my boy.

He's in a boyband, he has really great black hair with a really great voice too.
He's the one who always be in my dreams
He's such a great guy with a really cute smile that can light up my world like NOBODY ELSE.
I think I'm in love with this guy cause he's just so amazing.

(source : Fanpage)
O la laaa! You guys are tricked! :D he's not my boyfriend or something LOL  he's ZAYN MALIK, he's one of One Direction's member ;)
Look at his eyes! Isn't it beautiful? >< arghhhh I can't help it if he looks like a sexy angel :DD

Maybe you think I like him because of his face. I love his face BUT I love his voice too <3 he's so talented and I wish I can see him a lot more on TV and movies because he's so good to be an actor :DD

I think that's all. I have no idea about what to write in this post. When I see his photo, everything's just BLANK. I only see his face LOL

Byeee all ! :D


  1. Is he the "new Justin Bieber"? :D

  2. nopeeee haha :) Justin is only one I guess :) Zayn is other person, not 'new Bieber' :)


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