Sunday, January 22, 2012

SUNNY SUNDAY (i hope so)

Hi everyone :) how's your sunday? mine is kinda boring, just like last Sunday -___- , Buuuttt, I'm gonna go to church this evening! Yaayayayay! :D

Now I'm in my brother's room, and I found some good stuff here. I will post the photos as soon as I can ;) His room is very comfortable, and bigger than mine, of course >< I wish I could have his room! Soft pillows, warm blanket, large wardrobe....ARGH. Why it has to be a boy who owns this room :((

Sooo, I'm gonna tell you about my placement test yesterday. It was fun, exciting, scary, YOU NAME IT. The questions is kinda hard, but I'm sure I can do it :)) I met 2 new friends from another school, they're Licha from St. Agnes Surabaya and Beatrice from St. Yusup Banyuwangi, they were niceeee people <3 can't wait to see them!

We started the test at 2 P.M (woaaaa) and finished at 4 P.M. After that, there was an interview with the teachers. The interview was fun, I think. I was so relax and answered the questions easily. They were so kind, and I really wish I could be in this school. I CAN!

I just realize that tomorrow is Chinese New Year, although I don't celebrate it, I wish for a prosperous new year for those who celebrate it!
Happy early Chinese New Year Everyone ! ^^

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