Monday, January 23, 2012

feel that

Today was such a special day, not just because of the Chinese New Year but it's really a special day. I don't know I just feel that. And by the way I passed the test! I'm really happy. You should see me jumping on my small sized bed lol

I also did a photoshoot with my brother as a model. He's really talented :) Sorry for now I can't publish it, my brother's notebook really sucks. I wanted to capture what I wore today too, but it seemed like I'm the only person (in my family) who knows how to use my camera. But I guess my brother's just not used to it, so I must let him playing with my camera for a while.

if this notebook get better I promise I will publish the photo.So how's your Monday? I'm sure it's lovelier than other Mondays :)

It's so scary out there, anyway. The rain's pouring down, the storms are angry and the clouds are sad.

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