Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Confess that..

  1.  I'm a girl who acts like a boy
  2.  I never give a damn on people who hate me
  3.  I always wanna be healthy, not skinny
  4.  I love bright red
  5.  Although it doesn't suit my skin tone
  6.  I'm pretty good at singing.
  7.  I only have one guy friend that I really trust
  8.  I really love boys that effortlessly make me laugh so loud
  9.  I love my messy hair
  10.  I love unhealthy food
  11.  I can be the scariest person you ever met
  12.  I'm a noisy person
  13.  I always get sad when I see a baby crying
  14.  I love Western and American boybands
  15.  I adore Zooey Deschanel's voice
  16.  I wish I had tarantula as my pet
  17.  I'm always hungry
  18.  I eat more when I'm bored
  19.  I can't be mad at someone
  20.  I always forget what I want to say
  21.  I often lose my phone
  22.  I love my classmates
  23.  I drink strawberry milkshake
  24.  I'm a rascal girl
  25.  I'm not good at sport.
  26.  But I love swimming
  27.  I love bright colours
  28.  But I often wear nude
  29.  I don't like Selena Gomez since she said that Zayn Malik is cute
  30.  I love songs that inspire me
  31.  I have my mom's shoulder as the best place to cry on
  32.  I'm the shortest among my gang
  33.  I love genius boy
  34.  I love seeing a baby sneezing
  35.  I forget when was the last time I cried.
  36.  I love my school's Monday uniform
  37.  I'm a photojournalist for my school magazine
  38.  When I see a dog, I always have someone who looks like it
  39.  I always want to go home soon
  40.  I don't like Indonesian boyband or girlband
  41.  But I'm not a hater
  42.  I love girl with sexy cheek bones
  43.  I often imagine what should I wear
  44.  I love my brother's wardrobe
  45. I'm a faithful lover
  46. I never cheat on anyone
  47. I am a good listener
  48. I can be your best secret-keeper
  49. I have my friend's childhood photo
  50. I'm kind of selfish
  51. I got underestimate-syndrome
  52. Sometimes I talk to myself
  53. I love making quote, not copying quote
  54. I'm the expert of making people jealous
  55. I bully my lil' sister LOL
  56. I always think that senior year sucks
  57. I hate wearing hot pants and super mini skirt
  58. I love my mom's wardrobe
  59. I miss the little me
  60. I looked pretty that time
  61. I'm absolutely not skinny
  62. I'm working on my abs
  63. Trying to make my body stay in shape is the hardest thing ever
  64. I'll get angry easily
  65. I don't like washing hands
  66. So I always bring my favorite hand sanitizer
  67. I love Ox-Tongue Steak
  68. I think sushi is the most disgusting yet the most delicious food ever
  69. Now, I want to eat creme brulee
  70. I'm still 14 years old
  71. I seldom cry.
  72. It's useless for me
  73. I wanna be fashion designer
  74. But I can't draw
  75. So I change my dream job to fashion photography
  76. I always wanna be in the front row watching Paris Fashion Week
  77. I don't know how to start conversation with new friends
  78. I'm awkward.
  79. I love Allison Harvard
  80. I love myself more than I love anyone else.

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